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12/26/2011 12:51:48 PM
  Post Holiday Concern From Your Blues Society
By Karl Bauer
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Hey, the word is out that some blues fans got karaoke machines for Chrismas.  I sure hope that you weren't one of them.  Do NOT be deterrred.  Never, ever will a machine replace live music.  Can you imagine going to a blues festival or a club to hear some blues and having the music be a machine and some hack doing the vocals.  Don't let it happen to you or your friends.  Remember, friends don't let friends get sucked in by karaoke.  I mean have you ever heard of a karaoke festival.  Please spare me the agony and grief.

Anyway,here's hoping your 2012 is good, and that we all enjoy a prosperous new year.  And just remember; They say that the blues is nothing moere than a good man or woman feeling bad.  So if you're feeling bad or down, go out and hear some live music - preferrably blues music.