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5/16/2018 6:14:07 PM
  CD Review: The Eric Hughes Band - Meet Me In Memphis
By SKeon

( Review by Cecil Davis)

 In the opener Freight Train of Pain Eric quickly makes us aware that we are in for some thundering blues.  I met Eric during my first trip to the International Blues Challenge in 2002.  Since then I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying and reviewing many of his fine CDs.

 The title cut could and should be used by Memphis’ Chamber of Commerce.  The chorus goes:  Meet me in Memphis, You Ought to make that trip.  Meet me…., We’ll stick our toes in the Mississip’.  Meet me…., Where the Blues are still hip.  Lyrically and vocally it brought to mind Larry Garner.  I can truthfully answer emphatically NO! to his question in the first verse, Have you forgotten how it feels to party down on Beale?

 Eric’s expressive harp leads off Roll a Fatty for your Daddy.  Terrific harp and keyboard solos between verses fill out a fun tune.  You will love the funkiness of The Boogie Man, and feel his aching desire in Must’ve Left My Heart at Your Place.  Fans of low-down gritty blues will be thoroughly satisfied by Midtown Blues.  Three more round out another memorable release from this multi-talented Memphis blues veteran.  Eric plays guitar and harp, wrote all the music and lyrics, as well as producing and co-mixing here.

Get your copy at:   www.erichughesband.com